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Worth Upgrading my GT.....................................

weekendwonderweekendwonder Posts: 68
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Just a quick question, I see lots of folks updating/grading components on there bikes, but with what bikes is it worth doing this?

In my case I have a GT Avalanche 2.0 picked up secondhand, I've changed the pedals got some different tyres, picked up a new saddle and am just about to fit a shorter stem and some wider bars also got some lock-on grips (lizard skin). but when do you call it a day and move on to a new bike?

I'd like to change the forks and brakes but not sure to what or if that is to far to go, I can pass on the items I remove to my wifes GT 3.0.

But is it worth it, I look on here and ebay for well priced items as I don't want to go OTT on price, I think that maybe I could go some better forks and brakes what say you folks.



  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    beware that "upgrading" isnt always that. something new is a nice thing butoften what we have is fine.

    the thing i advise someone to think about when they are looking to make some changes is to think about what you are hoping to change and achieve with the replacement part.

    then compare that to the thing you are looking to buy, if it achieves your aim (whatever that may be) then it s worthwhile.

    whether a new fork is worthwhile depends on what you have already, same with your brakes.
  • Buckled_RimsBuckled_Rims Posts: 1,648
    To be quite honest a GT Avalanche 2.0 uses a standard frame and is nowt special (but it is good). Upgrading both forks and brakes is about £400 (£200 forks + £200 Hydraulic brakes), so I'd almost certainly think about a whole new bike.

    That's my opinion.
    Kona Jake the Snake
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  • FunBusFunBus Posts: 404
    agreed, if it comes to forks, brakes (and potentially wheels to suit brakes), you'll get a better deal buying a whole new bike.

    Similar to when you see a boy racer in a clapped out old nova with bits of plastic hanging off it and scooby bonnet vents glued on and spending ££££'s on "performance upgrades" - with all the money he spent, he could have got a half decent car!!
  • CraigXXLCraigXXL Posts: 1,852
    Not sure which version of the Avalanche 2 you have the disc or non disc version but my wife has the disc version and it's a good bike. I've upgraded the forks to Tora 302 as the original Suntour forks are suspension in looks only and replaced the original Alex rim wheels with some Hope XC/Mavic 717 I picked up cheap. The Auriga Comp brakes are very under rated and much better than a lot of branded brakes at twice the price.
    The changes I've made to bike have cost less than £200 but transformed the bike. The old parts have been kept so that they can be put onto another bike/frame at a later date if required as the steerer is quite long at 190mm (medium frame) and the wheels can be changed between most bikes.
    I think if you make sensible upgrades you shouldn't have a problem as most bits are interchangable so you can invest in good parts now and moved to a new frame at a later date.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    CraigXXL wrote:
    I think if you make sensible upgrades you shouldn't have a problem as most bits are interchangable so you can invest in good parts now and moved to a new frame at a later date.

    this is the best reason why i reckon the bike is worth upgrading, at somepoint you will have a load of top bits ready for a newer framein the future if you dcided to go that route.

    its why i bought my gt.
  • Hi Folks,

    Thanks for all the feedback, and CraigXXL yes i have the disc version with the Auriga Comp brakes which I feel are more than up to the job, however, the Suntour Forks I don't believe are.

    Sheepsteeth, I'm always looking to see what else you have changed on your NEW! GT.

    Believe me I don't want to go throwing money at the GT, the only items I have brought new are the grips, tyres and saddle, my stem, bars and gearchange and brake parts are off the classified section or ebay.

    Just need to find some top forks and a couple of wheels secondhand now.

  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    i would definately think about changing wheels and forks, it'll make the bike better than anything you can buy for the moneys those upgrades will cost
  • Cheers sheepsteeth, just started looking on ebay for some Tora 302 forks, I believe air would be best and 100mm is the travel I should go for, but I get a bit lost on the starnut and steerer situation, is it cut or uncut!

    Best get reading up on this stuff.

  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    its ok to get a cut steerer but you will want to know how long the cut steerer is to make sure it suits your headtube.
  • CraigXXLCraigXXL Posts: 1,852
    On One were doing OEM Tora 302 air at £75 thats where I got the wifes forks from and I've also fitted a pair to a mates Avalanche 3 which he's chuffed with.
  • Thanks CraigXXL, just looked on that site but the forks are Currently unavailable.

    So guess it's back to ebay.

  • :roll:

    Gone and done it now! I looked at how much it would cost to upgrade the GT, it started to run into large amounts without touching the drive components.

    So I got another bike!

  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    ooh, what did you get?
  • weekendwonderweekendwonder Posts: 68
    edited September 2010
    I've picked up a Cube Ltd Race - 2009, secondhand £450:

    Frame - Alu Superlite 7005 Double Butted, RFR-Geometry
    Size - 18"
    Colour - Black Anodized
    Forks - Rock Shox Reba SL 100mm, Motion Control, PopLoc
    Headset: FSA No.10 semi-integrated
    Stem - Easton EA30
    Handlebars - Easton EA30
    Rear Derailleur - Shimano Deore XT Shadow
    Front Derailleur - Shimano SLX
    Gear shifter - Shimano SLX Rapidfire-Plus 9-speed
    Brakes - Formula Oro K18 hydr. disc brake (180/160mm)
    Crank set - Shimano SLX Hollowtech II 44x32x22Z., 175mm, integr.
    Cassette - Shimano HG50 11-32T, 9-speed
    Chain - Shimano HG53
    Rims - RFR ZX24
    Tyre - Schwalbe VR: Nobby Nic Triple Compound 2.25/HR: Racing Ralph TC 2.25
    Pedal - DMR Black
    Seat - RFR Natural Shape 0.1 M
    Seat post - Easton EA30 31.6mm

    I don't pick it up until Tuesday, I'll post some pics later in the week.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    that sound slike a bargain!!
  • It sounded good to me as well and I believe that later Cube Ltd Race models did not have such high spec components.

    I'm V pleased :D

    I'll get some pics up in the 'Your Mountain Bikes' section of the forum later next week.
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