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Came off yesterday and jammed saddle hard against inner thigh. It was tender at the time, but didn't stop me cycling 8 miles home. When i got back, I put an ice pack on and took it easy. This morning, swelling had gone down, but a very large red/purple bruise had appeared.
Over the course of the day the bruising has moved down my leg, I assume it's just gravity.

It's not particularly sore, and there's no loss of movement, but I've decided to take it easy for a few days. Any ideas on how to clear these things up.

A picture (taken this morning). It's spread since then.



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    Ahhh, bless you bruise like a Peach.

    MTFU :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    (no offence just saying it before someone else dose) ;)
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    Just leave it, it'll clear up of it's own accord.
    Have you not been bruised before?
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    That's a shiner :lol: It'll go down eventually, just try not to hit it again.
  • On the trails I ride I normally stay bruised, lots of small slams into trees and such. Quite fun actually :)

    Plus gives me an excuse to tell the mrs I can't clean.
  • you lot are about as sympathetic as mrs btbm :wink:

    the most annoying thing is that i was on a cycleway commute when it happened. Had to take evasive action when two joggers - er - jogged out in front of me. Should have mowed them down.

    I would have been less upset if it had been on a black route somewhere :?

    If anybody wants to see another picture i'd be quite happy to post it