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skipped breakfast!!

bugsrabbitbugsrabbit Posts: 182
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with the sun being out this morning i decided rather later than usual to head out on my usual 50 mile run up around the trough of bowland, without breakfast, why i don,t know. About half way round the legs started to feel like concrete and the dreaded 'bonking' feeling began to decend. luckily i brought with me some 'get me home' gels so i struggled back. Maybe i got a bit cocky about the amount of times i,ve done this route but not again :oops:


  • I never eat breakfast before I go out. I did a 50 miler yes'day, 40 the day before that, and a 30 today and felt fine. Horses for courses I guess, although reading other threads I'm goign to experiment with a bowl of porridge and see if I can notice a difference.
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    I purposely didn't have breakfast before my sportive this morning...

    Unless you eat it 2-3hrs before the start there's no point. I then eat a banana/gel/bar every 50 mins or so...
  • WesterbergWesterberg Posts: 652
    napoleond wrote:
    Unless you eat it 2-3hrs before the start there's no point.
    really?! Is there science to back this up? Personally, I'd be shafted if I didn't eat a good breakfast before a 50 miler. Maybe that's just my metabolism. I thought that starchy stuff was converted to sugar(energy) very fast indeed and therefore the benefits could be felt very quickly?
  • rakerake Posts: 3,281
    hes talking about egg and bacon for breakfast.
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