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Terrible ride. Couldn't get legs to work

EBM BikerEBM Biker Posts: 47
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Last Sunday I did 45 miles at an average speed of 17.5 miles then 2 other rides in the week at 20 miles [Wednesday, 17mph average] and 28miles [Friday, 15.8mph average] both more hilly so more climbing.

So I thought i'd up my game and aim for 75miles today. After 15 miles I could hardly turn the pedals. So after an SIS energy gel and a bottle of Gatorade I headed home suffering on every climb using much lower gears than usual. Also my maximum heart rate peaked at 183 bpm where as before I'd only seen 180. My resting bpm is 60-62 first thing in the morning.
I'm nearly 47 yeaars old.

So what's gone wrong? First time this has happened to me in the 2 months I've been riding. What should I do to recover?


  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Quote: What should I do to recover?

    Err, not ride? Sounds like you've done too much and not allowed your body enough time - you haven't got the benefit of a big endurance base and therefore you're pushing yourself every ride. It can take many months for your muscles and physiology to adapt to cycling - pushing yourself every time will only wear yourself out - put some recovery rides in
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  • HrunHrun Posts: 116
    What pace did you set out at?

    From my running experience I would think you set out to quick and without your legs adequately rested.

    As a rule of thumb, the further you aim the slower you start out.
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  • I set out steady as I always do. Usually takes me 7-8 miles at no more than 70% max bpm before I start to feel 'right'.
  • squigssquigs Posts: 149
    More importantly, what did you eat before the ride? did you have enough Fuel before you left. You're frame of mind can make a big difference as well.
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  • I ate 3 scrambled eggs on a toasted bagel. When I think about it I went out to soon after breakfast in my eagerness to be in the sun. It was only 1/2 hr after I'd eaten. Fool.
  • BunnehBunneh Posts: 1,329
    Just 'one of those things'. On Sunday I did 30 miles, with a head cold but felt great. Without the cold a few weeks prior I was slow, couldn't get my legs going and was really censored . Sometimes it will happen and you'll ride censored , other times you'll ride brilliantly.

    When I first set off it takes me the length of a major road near me to feel right, it hurts the first few miles then the body wakes up, the muscles are warm and the vblood starts flowing.

    I'd have a week off, give your bod time to recover, if you have to go out don't go hard, just do what I do, a 'spin ride'. Go to a local beauty spot, feed the ducks, torment the doggers etc, then gently ride home. Doesn't always have to be a training ride :)
  • morrisjemorrisje Posts: 507
    I've learnt to just accept variable performance. I find various things affect how I ride each weekend. One of the main things is is my mental wellbeing. A tough week at work can leave me tierd at the weekend. It's just a fact of life but frustrating when someone goes past me who I know that I can normally grind into the dust.
  • Cheers guys. I had got used to steady improvement over the weeks I'd been riding so came as a bit of a let down. I'll go for a gentle spin this evening and no big training rides this week. I'm at a music festival next weekend so I get a bike free 'holiday'!
  • Rich HcpRich Hcp Posts: 1,355
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    Nice one, you need a rest every now and then.

    I did a 100 in June and trained up for it with two short runouts in the week and a longer one at the weekend, took 12 weeks to build up and prepare, even though I'd riden when i could through the winter.

    I'm 45 and I know (now) to back off before long rides and a few days afterwards to allow myself to recover. Its something you learn the hard way....

    The upside is that I am faster on short rides than I used to be :lol:

    Asaid before, its about your frame of mind and on some days you just won't feel like it. But it just means you enjoy it more when you do 8)

    We're all diffferent and the most important thing is to enjoy it

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  • DCowlingDCowling Posts: 769
    I went out on Sunday with a view to do 20-30 miles, this was to get my running total up to 1000m but to be honest it was as hard as the first time I went out, My censored hurt my legs were stiff and did not want to do it but I persevered and when I got home after a grueling 23 miles I felt as if I had swapped legs with an arthritic 70yr old.
    I went out last Sunday and did my 1st 50 and was in better shape.
    I have put this down to
    lack of sleep ( visitors all weekend)
    poor diet and lots of alchol ( see above)
    not enough rest from previous weekend ( a 40 and a 50)
    and just not in the right frame of mind

    Having said that it was still great to get out into the fresh air, I am off top Lanzarote in a few days time and hope to hire a bike for a day or three and not have to think hmm should I take my water-proof
  • 1_reaper1_reaper Posts: 322
    I had a fairly censored ride on Sunday. Don't know why? Nice and sunny. Was three minutes down on my normal average time. Guess we all have our off days :roll:
  • Happy to know I wasn't alone Sunday! But sods law it had to be on the sunniest day Shropshire has had for ages.

    I'm thinking of going to Tenerife for christmas so I can ride in the sunshine.
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