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Sunn Ringle Jumping Flea hubs creaking... HELP

kevin_w90kevin_w90 Posts: 12
edited August 2010 in Workshop
Hello, I have a cube fritzz with sun ringle jumping flea hubs. When i peddle steady up hill its creaks like mad. Has anyone had a problem with this? Also I am looking to remove the freehub from it to check under that. I know how to do shimano ones but am stumped at this one.



  • Yup.

    Same bike, same hub, same problem...

    I've already had the driveside bearings / possibly the freehub replaced under warranty but the creaking started again within a few hundred miles of pretty much dry XC riding

    When the hub failed the creaking quickly turned to the sound of breaking metal, the freehub failed to engage then just as suddenly became fixed. All potentially very dangerous and of course if the hub fails miles from civilisation it coyuld be along walk home.

    Search the web and there are tons of similar stories on Ringle hubs. They dontt bode well even when you get the initial problem fixed'

    Regardless of whether your hub is under warranty or not I'd get it looked at without delay.
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