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My Canyon UL CF Pro.

RDB66RDB66 Posts: 492
edited August 2010 in Your road bikes
With full 6700Ultegra.

A Brother of the Wheel.

09 Canyon Ultimate CF for the Road.
2011 Carbon Spesh Stumpy FSR.


  • PretrePretre Posts: 355
    Nice bike but spoiled by the orange tyres IMO
  • White LineWhite Line Posts: 887
    Pretre wrote:
    Nice bike but spoiled by the orange tyres IMO
    Indeed. They match the wall better than the bike.

    Other than the tyres - very nice. That tape is going to get pretty ugly soon too. It's impossible to clean and then begins to rip and wear away just behind the hoods after a couple of months. Can get sort of expensive if you keep dropping £20 on it.

    How are you finding it so far?
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