Viking Sprint 14 speed

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Hi guys,
I've got an 80km charity ride coming up in September and therefore need a road bike to post myself a reasonable time.
I've seen this on ebay and wonder if anyone has a review as there are none out there.



  • Hrun
    Hrun Posts: 116
    It's on amazon. Appears to have MTB type gears on a road bike.

    I am no bike snob, but this appears to be a BSO to me.
    A biking runner :)
  • kingrollo
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    Not a serious road bike. ok it will do the 80k charity ride - but doing it on that bike will probably put you off cycling for life.

    I would either:-

    Borrow a bike from someone for the charity ride
    increase you budget to at least £500
    or look for a used bike.

    I really think that bike at close to £200 - is a waste of money
  • andyrr
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    I'm considering a new winter hack and saw this - not great really, the Halfords TdF Carrera is a little better, £299 at least has 8 speed cassette and some Shimano bits. Probably the cheapest bike to consider.