Can anyone recommend a gilet?

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Ive been to my LBS and bought an endura laser in size large, fits perfectly and i thoght id bought the right thing until i pockets.

I really need a decent gilet that packs up small and has pockets, i tried the new race fit endura equipe on in the shop in a large and couldnt get it anywhere near done up, this was the largest size stocked.

Any ideas, im 6ft 2 with a 46 inch chest?



  • ilm_zero7
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    I have an ultralightweight Campagnolo top , its front is really thin but amazingly windproof, and the back is a venting fabric with 3 pockets - one with a zip

    the mens version of this ... 980wt_1137
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    Aldi's Gillet has a zippable rear pocket. About £6 if I recall. Windproof.
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  • JesseD
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    Rapha - expensive but the best bit of kit I have bought, I love it and it has 3 rear pockets and 2 zipped little front ones.
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  • Scrumple
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    assos element zero

    easily the best, have one and swear by it.

    £££'s though, but you'll never buy anything else.
  • Anonymous
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    I have a rapha one, tops!

    Do I have to pull out the picture of Darth Vader modelling the Assos one again? ;)
  • edhornby
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    how many pockets do you need ? If it's a full set of jersey pockets then not sure but if it's just one that holds a set of keys, get someone to sew one in for you?
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  • spezial
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    Best bit of clothing I've bought over the last year has been the Gore Phantom II.

    Not a gilet at first glance, but it has detachable sleeves, so you get a jacket for your money too. Very windproof, pretty waterproof, nice pockets, and comfortable. Probably not up to the standard as Assos or Rapha, and every other cyclist in the world seems to have one, but I got mine for about £70 so good value for essentially 2 garments in 1.
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  • Anonymous
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    Most of the Gore stuff is there or thereabouts the quality of Rapha/Assos, just not as cool ;)
  • spezial
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    But it's very practical, which is surely the reason we all ride around on Italian bikes with our shaved legs and ludicrously priced pedals?

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  • billysan
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    Another vote for Rapha here. Recently bought the softshell gillet and am very impressed by the quality, fit and function. It was just the ticket in that dounpour last night.
  • jswba
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    I've got a montane one that does the job perfectly well. Shutt are selling theirs for 25 quid.
  • red dragon
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    I have two, Rapha good because it has pockets - pricey though. The second is a Shutt cost me new £25, outstanding value for money, windproof waterproof small pack size. I would be inclined to go for the Shutt. All round good value.
  • Anonymous
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    For 25 quid the Shutt looks a no brainer.
  • softlad
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    Lusso gilet - windproof front, vented rear, three back pockets and packs away into a jersey pocket when not needed - £20 from ebay. Does the job and looks like a gilet....what more do you need....
  • Anonymous
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    For 20 quid the Lusso looks a no brainer.
  • softlad
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    NapoleonD wrote:
    For 20 quid the Lusso looks a no brainer.

    the only downside is you can have any colour you like - as long as it's blue or yellow.. ;)