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pedalling mojo lost in the drops

wyadvdwyadvd Posts: 590
edited August 2010 in Road beginners
This is my problem : on the hoods i can spin at 150 no probs.

in the drops i bounce around like im on a trampoline at 90.

my theory:

as my hips tilt forward my hip joints move up away from the saddle.... ???

should I lower or raise my saddle.

floor to pubic symph is 86cm

saddle height is 73cm bb-saddle surface along seat tube 175 cranks.


  • PretrePretre Posts: 355
    why are you pedalling that fast? :?
  • anto164anto164 Posts: 3,500
    was about to say 150 is very fast!
  • wyadvdwyadvd Posts: 590
    my actual average on my 15mile commute is 110

    on little hills i drop a cog and go for it to keep it over 22mph. my cadence might tip 150, but what im trying to say is on the hoods 150 doent make me bounce. but im having problems on the drops being comfotable with my pedalling in any sense at all really.......i start bouncing at comparitavley low cadence, so any advantage gained from the drops is wiped out.
  • okgookgo Posts: 4,368
    I don't think there is much you can do.

    You don't see many people pedalling at that cadence in the saddle, in the drops.

    It's physics, getting the weight over the front by going into the drops, and then pedalling like a mad man on your now almost weightless behind is going to make it bob...

    Unless you're out of the saddle, which I highly doubt at 150.

    I'd be inclined to use that popular internet phrase of "you're doing it wrong" 150 is too high for pedalling in the drops. Tbh I think its too high in any position, I can't see the point in it.
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  • wyadvdwyadvd Posts: 590
    i dont actually pedal at 150 .....was exagerating to make my point. normal cadence is 90-112 which im told is highish but within the bounds of normality
  • wyadvdwyadvd Posts: 590
    ive just dropped my saddle by a cm so ill try that tomoz
  • EKIMIKEEKIMIKE Posts: 2,232
    I though this was just totally normal. The drops lend themselves well to more power riding with higher gears and lower cadences or an aero tuck when descending/lower centre of gravity for cornering.

    I mean, look at the pro's sprint. They're riding in the drops at high cadence with high power output - look how erratic they are. Stay on the hoods or pop up a gear.

    I really can't believe you're messing with your saddle height to satisfy such a minor element!
  • rjh299rjh299 Posts: 721
    Ridiculous cadence to me. Are you knees/thighs htting your chest/stomach when in the drops? This might be throwing you around a bit.
  • Well for a start 175 cranks wont help fast pedalling, If you are bouncing around then your position/cadence is all wrong. before you start altering your position why don't you try to get your position on the bike checked over ,maybe at your local club or bike shop.
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