Old 90s Diamond Back MTB conversion

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I have been given an old early/mid 90s Diamondback MTB, I want to convert to a Road bike! It has a Tru Temper chromoly frame, so I understand these were always classed as good quality, I want to convert the Bike to a Road Bike, it's has seven cogs on the Back with a triple front crank, 42-32-22, I went to my LBS they have a 52 tooth crank and they told me it may not fit the frame, it could Rub on the frame and also it might be out of line! with rear cogs.
Is it possible anyone on here could help me out , give some advice on what will Work , would really appreciate some thoughts on this



  • Weejie54
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    Bold project. Right enough, a 52 tooth chainring is unlikely to clear the chainstay - even a 48 tooth might be a problem - the only way to find out for sure is by trying rings for size.
    You have the rear dropout size to think about (though that can be overcome) and the choice of suitable brakes (calipers are unlikely to fit or reach the rims). Obviously, you will not be able to use 700c rims, but I'm sure you fully intend to use 650s. There may be tube diameter problems for various parts.
    You may be able to build a reasonably good road tourer but a fully fledged road bike might be hoping for a lot.
    Good luck!
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    Weejie54, thanks for your thoughts on this

    I know that if it can be done I will be capable of doing it

    I be using original wheels withl thin slickish tyres , the front Crank is the main concern, I need to do what you said , get hold of a crank and try it out.