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Which all rounder bike & bits for £2500

DaystateDaystate Posts: 14
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I have been mountain biking for years and now want to get a road bike for the following:

Get fitter/Improve Endurance (Should help mountain biking)
Enjoy 2-3 hour rides.
Possible triathlon and sportives from next year.

I am 39 and never expecting to be a top competitor but would like to get the best type of bike to suit the above list of requirements.

I am leaning towards a sportive style at the moment and the ones that I like the look of are

Bianchi Infinito
Willier Izoard
Felt Z4
Cannondale Synapse

Do you think I am on the right track with the above options or would a sportive bike adversly affect short speedy rides (Triathlon) and would I be better off with a more classic racing geometry?

Also, what would be a typical wheelset upgrade at this price range?

I really look forward to your thoughts and please feel free to suggest alternatives?

Many Thanks.


  • father_jackfather_jack Posts: 3,509
    For 3 hour rides I'd probably look for a tourer. More comfy position generally, can ride far longer on my tourer than my roadie...similar positions but roadie is a bit more crouched.
    Say... That's a nice bike..
    Trax T700 with Lew Racing Pro VT-1 ;-)
  • PretrePretre Posts: 355
    Best thing to do is try them all - it's fairly hard to find a bad bike at that sort of money so it all comes down to personal choice & fit
    Cycling Plus did a 50 bike grouptest at around your price range a few months ago - well worth trying to find a copy.

    Wheels - good first upgrade (maybe even before leaving the shop) as complete bikes are always sold with the cheapest wheels they can get way with. Upgrade depends entirely on your budget - Mavic Aksiums (sp?) at about £160 are good, up to Lightweights/Zipps, etc, at £3,000+
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