how's this for parental support?

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not sure if you all know who she is, but she's a local girl to me and her dad, jason, used to run the dragon downhill races. she's only 17 and top 10 in the world at the moment!!

her mum and dad drive/fly her around the world so she can race as far as i can tell and her main sponsor is her dad's bmx track building company. how awsome would it be to have parents like that? i wish i had when i was her age, but then again i was never as good as she is :lol:


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    it would have been awesome to have parents who were financially independent (i.e. could even take time off work to drive around the world...never mind finance it) and were also cool enough to actually do it.

    Just goes to don't need money to do well in DH....but it sure as hell helps!
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