Tiagra vs Sora Brakes

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Hi all

Im about to buy a Giant Defy 2 in the next few days and was wondering how much difference I would notice by getting Tiagra brakes instead of the Sora brakes that come with it.

I dont wanna buy them if Im not going to notice any difference as it seems like a waste of money that I could be spending on something else for my bike



  • avoidingmyphd
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    It's not worth it. if you're gonna upgrade, do it properly (105 at least, or shop around in the murky world of tektro etc. for something someone says is equivalent).
    It is worth upgrading properly though. There are a few bikes in my household that came fitted with Sora, but aren't any more!
  • Thanks guys

    I think Im gonna go for the 105 as looking at the price that must have been what I saw when I looked anyway lol
  • anto164
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    you'll notice hardly anything when changing brakes. All you'll notice is a weight difference when you hold them both in your hands. To make a difference in brake performance, you need to get some top quality pads.