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healthy flapjack recipe?

louthepoolouthepoo Posts: 223
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does anyone have a healthy flapjack recipe? The one's i've seen have unbelievably high quantaties of butter, sugar and syrup. Then again, is it a bad thing if i'm using it as a snack during a long ride? I'm not too clued up on the sugar rush/energy release thing.
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  • outofbreath2outofbreath2 Posts: 216
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    Don't confuse healthy with diet. Flapjack as a diet food - I don't think so. They're good for a long ride because they're portable and fairly calorie dense.

    They are fairly healthy in that the oats provide slow release carbs for sustained energy and if you add some dried fruit that adds sweetness and fibre.

    Oats also provide very good fibre that is cholesterol lowering. That's just as well because it's all stuck together with melted butter. Then add a dose of sugar/honey/syrup to taste and that's the quick burst of energy release taken care of. Although there's so much fat it in it's not that quick release since fat slows the absorption of sugar, which is what all carbs are. You could also top it with chocolate, antioxidants in chocolate. Could melt en route though if it's in your back pocket.

    You could also add a few nuts and seeds for added protein, fibre, minerals.

    If you try and cut the butter/syrup too much it'll be too crumbly and you'll end up with crumble topping. You could make a fruit crumble for when you come back from your ride or for breakfast if you're that way inclined. Again, too little fat and sugar and you'll feel like your eating bird seed. You won't enjoy it and end up buying one that has cheap fat/sugar by product in it.
  • If you're exercising and hungry, I wouldn't worry at all about the fat and sugar-based ingredients. The last flapjacks I made were full of sugary stuff - muscovado sugar, dried fruits - a mixture of apricots, cranberries, cherries and nuts - and fresh mashed banana. The base is oats, which seem to be the cyclists' classic slow-release energy food, that you combine with a mix of faster energy foods. Your only problem will be if you get off the bike and scoff the lot in an impromptu picnic and then forget to get back on the bike.

    EDIT: or what outofbreath2 said :wink:
  • louthepoolouthepoo Posts: 223
    so how about i reduce the butter and a bit of the sugar? there's plenty in syrup anyway and that should hold it together. I'm putting dried fruit and seeds in it too
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  • Honey's a fine part-replacement for some of the sugar. As for the butter replacement, as oob2 says, it's probably a matter of being as stingy as you can before the mixes fail to bind together. If you really have to cut it down, that is.
  • prawnyprawny Posts: 5,415
    Couldn't you use flora buttery? It's yummy!

    I sometimes buy the traybake flapjack from tescos and the value one is made with margarine, tastes fine, not as rich as butter flapjack but does the job. I prefer the granola one though, oh my!
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  • ... ine--26188
    There's a savoury flapjack recipe here if that tickles your fancy. Butter and cheese :shock: - I may have a go at this myself actually.

    I'm not being flip but google healthy flapjack recipe and just start experimenting. It will all turn out edible even if you have to use up it by sprinkling it on something. Here's some to get you started.

    If you want a butter substitute, you could try vegetable oils, e.g. rapeseed, sunflower, hemp.
    For other butter substitutes or low fat spreads don't use anything under 60%fat, or look for a tick on the pack to say you can cook with it.

    I'm, peckish now.
  • 300g value spread / marg / whatever
    150g granulated sugar
    large dollop tesco value golden syrup
    750g oats
    100 - 150g choc.

    Melt butter, sugar, syrup together.
    Mix with oats
    15 mins @ 200 deg in the oven

    Melt choc and spread thinly (I said thinly) over the top.

    I live on the stuff.
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  • dilemnadilemna Posts: 2,187
    Flat Jack ate so many flapjacks he became Fat Jack :lol:
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  • rjh299rjh299 Posts: 721
    Thought I read somewhere you could use certain amount of orange juice instead of butter, sugar or syrup. Not sure if it works though.
  • dbbdbb Posts: 323
    i was reading a recent triathlon magazine recently while in the waiting room at the dentist and there was a nice looking recipe in it.

    i was tempted to rip the page out and take it with me.

    sorry, i don't remember which tri mag but it was in the last 3 months
  • MattC59MattC59 Posts: 5,433
    To alter a Flap Jack and try to make it healthy is sacriligous and ultimately pointless !!

    Be honest, what is it you like about flap jacks ? It's the gooey, syrupy, butteryness. Take that away and you've got sweet, dry oats.

    Stick with it, make flapjacks as they should be made and for god's sake, don't add orange juice.

    Long live the unadulterated flapjack :D:wink:
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  • this thread now comes up when searching for a healthy flapjack, which is handy as i'm a br occasional poster and currently researching flapjacks which i make in batches for both work packed lunch, and cycling sustenance.

    i'm capable of tasty flapjacks of the highest order when using butter, but i am on the quest to improve my flapjacks nutritional value.

    in a way, as has been alluded to above, the unhealthy element of flapjacks can be seen as almost entirely justified by the fact it makes the consumption of lots of good oats a real treat. a truly 'healthy' flapjack is a contradiction.

    i'm not concerned about the sugar/syrup/honey content as that all should be helpful fast burning energy (my favourite is a syrup/black treacle mix), but i am experimenting with alternative fats as the 'bad' saturated fat content of butter is phenomenal - 7.7g in one 60g flapjack in my all butter recipe - a quarter of mens RDA.

    i compared butter with 55% saturated fat, with bertolli olive oil spread 14% saturated fat. so i made a flapjack with 50/50% butter/bertolli mix, each with 4.33g sat fat. unfortunately it tastes a bit less than 50% as good (though it is a bit cheaper).

    i am going to try with 50/50 butter/flora instead of bertolli as i'm sure that my grandma used flora for everything and i have great childhood memories of her cakes!

    i'm sure there is an ideal trade off to be found (just like everything in cycling) of balancing lower saturated fat against great flavour. obviously everyone has their own taste, but i'd be interested in any other takes on this.

    btw my eureka flapjack discovery which i'm happy to share - turn the oven onto it's highest temperature for the last 2-3 mins of cooking for a slightly crunchier top above a nice soft base!
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