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Help - Carbon forks on rebuild

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My amatuer skills will shine through now!

I rebuilt my winter bike this summer thats in part to help from the guys on the forum :)... The bike is running fine but i got offered some carbon forks for a very decent price and as it didnt already have them i thought i would have a go. Bike is a 2004 Trek 1000.

I took off my current forks, which inclube the little bearings (loads of little silver bearings in circle covered in lubricant). Anyway... the fork stem is the correct length as are the legs but it turns out my new forks are 1.1/8 and my old ones are 1"....So my current spacers, bearings and stem dont fit on this.

My question is... can i get all the bits i need to use these forks or am i onto something that wont work so i should just sell the forks? I also have a spare set of handlebars that fit a 31.8 clamp?

Any help before i purchase more things i cant use :P


  • You can't fit 1"1/8th forks to an 1" frame.
    So looks like you will have to flog them or use this as an excuse to buy a new frame. :lol:
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Ah.... my stupidity shines through again!

    Cheers matey.... new frame is very tempting!!
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