Jay12 in IMbikemag

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Nice one dude. Don't know if I missed a post about it already but there's a pic of your's in the Reader's Gallery. Great online bike mag as well.



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    what page
    yeehaamcgee wrote:

    That's like saying i want a door for my car that doesn't meet the roof, because I once had the wind blow it shut when I was getting in, and I had my head squished between, well, the door and the roof.
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    I dunno. Try going to contents then reader's gallery, and then on one page.
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    125 and 126

    i dont think its him though it doesnt look like his bike.
  • seems like it was jay that took a photo of his mate
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    yay. thanks for showing it.

    i didn't excpect to get into it :D

    and yeah, i took the picture of my mate

    i'm so "stoked" :lol: