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Can you please ask your IT staff about the settings for the CAPTCHA component for posting comments. I've just been presented with oriental characters, numbers, punctuation, and in general deformations of the characters so extreme that despite 20-20 vision, I cannot identify the pixellated mess that is being presented. I gave up on posting a comment just now because after clicking the change button 20 or so times, I had yet to be presented with 2 words together that I could even make a guess at. I did spot several words flying past in Spanish amongst the few I could identify and nothing English in there at all. Whilst I appreciate you need to stop spammers and botnets from posting, your current settings are perhaps in need of tuning.




  • softlad
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    +1 on this.

    I was just going to post a similar question when I noticed this thread. The characters seem to be getting more and more obscure and harder to identify - it just took me about seven refreshes before I could actually understand what I was being asked to type into the box.
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    I was just about to post a thread about this, it's a joke!

    Here is an example I've just been faced with, don't worry, no resolution has been lost in this screenshot, it is identical to what I've just had to decipher.


    Surely being logged in is enough anyway?
  • Anonymous
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    I'll let our Lead Developer, Mr Gale know about this. He will get back to you. ta
  • agale
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    Haha.. thanks Matt.

    We've just fixed this hopefully please let me know if the problem persists.

    Dodgy - unfortunately it is still necessary to check if logged in users aren't spamming as well :(
  • The capthca themselves work better, but if you don't write it in correctly, it wipes your comment and you have to start again, can it not give you a chance to correct your entry without emptying the comment box.

  • softlad
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    well, the captcha box seems to be up to its old tricks again - generating all kinds of unintelligible garbage. Just took me around 10 refreshes before I could understand what it was asking me.....
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    One more request to keep the comments if you type the capthca's wrong. It's pretty frustrating if you have just made a well thought-out, long post and it is just wiped away. Most of the time I don't even bother.