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Tyre Inner Tube sizing question

AveziusAvezius Posts: 132
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I'm after some new tyres for my cyclocross bike. Currently running panaracer cindercross 700x35c tyres on mavic wheels but fancy something a little smaller & less knobbly for when I'm exclusively on the roads. Long term aim is to have two sets of wheels to swap in & out as appropriate but just going for tyres initially to spread the cost.

The Durano 700x28c tyres come in at the top of my budget but seem to tick the boxes - durable, racey without being too skinny.

Here's the question - Should I get innertubes suitable for 28-35mm (preffered) or is it better to go as small or large as poss & get different tubes to suit each tyre?



  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    If you have found a tube that fits 28-35mm than that will be perfectly fine for both sizes. Only reason to go the smallest possible is to save weight, which is usually not much. Way too small, such as a 23mm tube in a 35mm tyre, may cause it to stretch too much to fill out the tyre causing it to possibly burst or at the very least it will be more flat prone. Having a tube that is too large can cause it to form creases and will be more prone to pinch flats.
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