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HELP!! Need a few suggests/advice on a road bike!

seblegendseblegend Posts: 2
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Hi all

I work in Bath & live near Kingswood Bristol, I travel 19.6 miles every day from home to work then back again. I total up 96 miles per week.

All very easy because I use the Bristol to Bath cycle path & canal paths. Never meeting any car traffic until I am in the centre of Bath.

Problem is I have a Carrera Mountain Bike, It has full suspention which takes its toll on my Body especially my back.

I am asking for advice on a decent Road bike for around or less than £600. I've heard Orbea bikes are good but that was from the shop seller who stocks them. I've had a look on eBay and seen some good one's but I wont go outside 60 miles to pick one up.

My height requires me to ride a 54cm frame.

Any ideas or just suggestions of Bikes would make me happy

Thanks for reading my post!


  • sundogsundog Posts: 243
    Johns Bikes have a Trek 1.2 in stock and Total Fitness have the Specialized Allez. Go and have a look as these are usually recommended as ideal bikes to start.
    I like white bikes
  • tigerbentigerben Posts: 233
    I would second the above recommendation of heading to Johns Bikes (in Bath) and trying the 1.2 Trek. Even if you don't like the bike the shop is excellent and the staff very helpful.
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