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Complete newbie to roadbikes and need some help!

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I have been commuting to work for the last 4-5 months (7.5miles each way) on an old raleigh MTB and had been thinking of moving onto a road bike, my work has just signed up to cyclesheme so have a grand to spend (want to keep back at least 150 for accessories etc) so have a budget of £850 for a new road bike!

Due to the terrible roads and loads of cobbles in edinburgh I have been looking more at cyclocross bikes as they seem that bit more sturdy and was thinking that the wider tires would be easier when using a road bike for the first time.

Ideally wanted a Specialized Tricross but the only store locally that stocks specialized isn't part of cyclesheme so have pretty much come down to a shortlist of 3 bikes and just wanted to see what people think would be the best option?

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  • Sirius631Sirius631 Posts: 991
    You are not necessarily stuck with the bikes that your local cyclescheme operator has in stock. You could ask them if they could order you what you want.
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