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tag a long how to's

coolio1414coolio1414 Posts: 2
hi there,
just got a tag a long for my 4 yr old. have taken it out for a couple of rides and am finding the it's pulling my bike to the left alot, anyone know why or tips on how to control better?


  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    I'm assuming it still pulls to the left when it's just you riding it (your 4 yr old not on it).

    Is it on 'straight'? What I mean is - have you attached the clamp(s) so that it is aligned straight, and doesn't need to be angled from the bracket to ride straight (IYKWIM). Oh, and also, make sure the bolts are torqued correctly - as I see a lot of them not tight enough.

    With some of them, the bracket will be angled so to put a lean on the tagalong when the bike is turning. So it could be doing that. (?)

    If it's only happening when your 4 yr old is on the back, tell them to stop leaning to the left ;)
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  • lnkddbzlnkddbz Posts: 1
    I am agree with baudman, the answer provided by you is quite effective i think this is only way to make the riding of this kids good..

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