assorted 105 components to replace friction groupset

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hi all
i am hoping to replace my current setup with something more reliable and newer. i currently run an old set of friction derailleurs with downtube shifters on an old carpenter frame. all the components are worn and a bit bent. i already have 105 brakes, so thought it might be nice to continue allong that theme.
the bike runs 27 inch wheels, i am not going to try and replace them with 700c and drop brakes.
i realise that putting new parts onto old bikes can sometimes be a pain. this is where it gets dificult...
the shifters are band on rather than braze, i was bacically hoping to take a massive leap and replace this system with some 105 sti shiifters, and a ten speed casette onto 27inch rims built on new 105 hubs. the frame has already been re-set to take 130 hubs and has a fairly new square taper bb fitted, so that it is possible to fit new cranks if need be. i will also have to replace the front and rear derailleurs with ten speed and two speeds.
i think i can get this to work, i am just seeking some reasurance. i have manufactured cable stays out of another pair of friction shifters. to hold the gear cables. i am verry determined for this to work, unless i am told that it is impossible.
i can take photographs if these would help, de say if i have missed out some critical info


  • Hi. I have a Raleigh Dynatech 500 - basically Reynolds 531 tubes but in a lugged frame. I bought it in about 1992. It originally came with Shimano RX100 (I think) 7 speed with down tube levers. I would have changed most parts along the way.. just for the sake of it. It rusted away in the shed for a while until 2 years ago I bought a second hand set of ultegra 8 speed sti levers, 8 speed casette and chain, and 105 rear mech (not the brand new one or 5600, but the one before). The indexing works fine. Ok its not as perfect as my other bike - 105 5600 & DA 7800 mix, but it works. Also the front derailleur is a Suntour Superbe Pro (also 1992) and cranks Stronglight Delta - square taper, same vintage.