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respray and custom decals .......

lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
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first question, who would you recommend for a frame respray and how much am i looking at paying, and does anyone do custom frame graphics and agian how much do they cost???. thinking of giving my tired looking maxlight a new lease of life with new kit etc, but the frame looks like its had better days.

cheers :)


  • andyrmandyrm Posts: 550
    Go for a powder coat - should be around £30-40 for your frame and is bombproof.

    In terms of custom graphics, depends what you're after. For futureproofing, keep them on the surface rather than under a clearcoat so they can be removed if you fancy a freshen up.

    It's possible to get both custom cut vinyl or printed and custom cut vinyl for relatively small amounts of money now - then you just need to source someone to illustrate/typeset it. I'm about to get some new ones done for my Edison by illustrator Lucy Reynolds who did all the artwork for iconic club brand Koolwaters :D
  • jairajjairaj Posts: 3,009
    There are a few cycle specific places do google search (Argos is the most famous I think). Usually they ask for around £120 to strip the old paint and put on a new coat. including postage both ways.

    I went for a local powder coater (use yellow pages). Had to tell him specifically what bits to mask though and cost me £45. The finish was good but I had forgotten to remove a few bolts eg bottle mounts and rear mech hanger that he didn't realise so painted over the top of them. No massive problem but just take your time and double check you've told him to mask everything.
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