Good LBS near Hillingdon/Uxbridge

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basically, as the title says, im moving down again in a couple of weeks, and will eventually need a shop to sort out things like new headset fittings and cutting steered tubes etc. just wondering if there is anywhere you guys would recommend?

ive been into halfords, and that store looked abit, umm special, so i was wondering if there is anything good nearby? cheers guys :D


  • j_l
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    Heffs Bike shop in West Drayton used to be pretty good if they still exist.

    Stowes in Slough also had a good rep too
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  • stuart_c-2
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    Specialized store in Ruislip High Street (used to be Action Bikes), always had good service there.

    Bikewise in Ickenham, but make sure you speak to the older guy in there as the kids who work in there seem a little "lost".
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  • The bike shop in north harrow isnt to bad more road bikes but been around for years
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