Specialized Langster ok for child seat?

option_click Posts: 169
A couple of bike shops have advised me that my current bikes (three carbon framed, one light aluminium) are not suitable for the type of child seats that clamp to the seat tube.

None of the bikes has pannier eyelets either, so I need to get a cheap, robust bike for the sole purpose of gentle family rides.

Would the Langster frame be strong enough for these seats?


  • baudman
    baudman Posts: 757
    Isn't a langster an SS?

    Hmm... good resistance training... I guess?

    I'm not a fan of rear seats (prefer front mounted ones, or trailers or other options) but I thought a cheap MTB styled thing, with nice low gearing on offer should the need arise, and a slightly more upright stance, as well as lower standover height, would be better? Solid forks, of course.
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