London area DH riders?

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Hi All,

Im moving to london in september so if anyone could give me so info on places that are not too far from london. Obviously there are places like aston hill and porc but are there any others?

Would be sick if someones willing to let me tag along to a few places too! I ride a 2010 ram dhx.



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    There are a few people in the London Calling thread that do DH places. Think Aston is the general choice nearby.

    I'm not going to claim I'm a DHer. I've done Aston once (and paid for it in pain) & Cwmcarn by mostly rolling it, but that's it. Don't have a DH bike anyway and need to get the armour before I try it again.

    If you're up for other stuff you're welcome to tag along with us to the usual haunts around Surrey Hills and surrounding areas (or further afield) in the aforementioned thread. I'd say we do pretty much anything. Technical trails with the odd steep descent, freeride (not that I do the jumps but others do), etc.