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justridingalong custom wheels

HitbyHitby Posts: 218
edited August 2010 in MTB general
Well, I ordered a set of custom built wheels on Tuesday last week and they arrived on Saturday (a little more for weekend delivery). Hope Pro2 hubs with ZTR Arch rims and black comp spokes. Just wanted to recommend to anyone looking for a new wheelset. Beautifully built and great service from Jon.

I've not got anything to do with the company but credit where it's due and all that jazz.


  • *AL**AL* Posts: 1,185
    They look super, and I seriously considered JRA wheels myself at one point.

    I just can quite grasp why Merlin (who also have a superb reputation for handbuilt wheels) can build the same wheels for £100 less a pair :?
  • HitbyHitby Posts: 218
    They're about 320 from Merlin, they were 360 from JRA.

    You can get them all in black (rims/spokes/hubs) for about 260 but I like my pimp stuff so to me it was worth the extra 8)
  • Yep i got some DT240's, Crest rims and super comp spokes the other month and they are spot on. Best wheels i have ever had.
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