basic geometry question

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Hi all,

Looking to purchase a nice summer bike but also one that will be comfortable on longer rides so sportives and the like.

My question is I see some 'frames' being sold as specifically with sportive geometry, but I can not find an explanation for what this is.

Can anyone explain?

Cheers and thanks,



  • basically the front end is higher
  • dru
    dru Posts: 1,341
    basically the front end is higher


    so a longer head tube? - or do you mean that the top of the head tube is higher than the relative height of the top of the seatpost?
  • Just that the bars end up higher relative to your base position, not sure of the exact math to define 'sportive', you did ask a 'basic' question :D which I gave.
    I have specialzed allez which is not a 'sportive' but because its a 61cm bike ( I'm 6'2) there is not a big difference between my saddle and bar height so works for me