20 mile mark

gazeds Posts: 182
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just hit the 20 mile mark in 57.25, av speed 20.9 mph, chuffed as a bean. :D


  • I'd be chuffed with that too. Well done.
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  • Good job!!

    20mph for 20 was a target for me too, and was well happy to achieve it
  • good job mate! feels great doesnt it? :)
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  • gazeds
    gazeds Posts: 182
    yes it does feel good, and its a lot harder than what you think. it gives you a great boost
  • nmcgann
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    It's a good feeling when that happens. I always try and hit 20mph moving average on my 36 mile training loop when I'm doing the harder sessions and I'm always chuffed when I do it.

    Nice one.
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  • father_jack
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    pah my speedo says max speed I've done is 88mph....

    great scott! :D
    Say... That's a nice bike..
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