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Childs Trailer Advice

Muddy1182Muddy1182 Posts: 146
Hi all.

Just after some advice as to what kind of age people start to put there children into a trailer.

My wifes just had our first child, and we both can't wait to get out and about again on our bikes.

Also any recommendations as to what trailers are any good. See some are £80 and most are £200.

Thanks in advance.


  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    edited August 2010
    Our first one started at about 9m... but just very small jaunts too a mile up the road to the shops. It's actually illegal in Australia until 12m IIRC. Helmets are mandatory too, so that's a bit of a pain. Our second one was about 8m, but that was in our CargoBike (see sig).

    The big thing is how strong their neck is. Some kids can hold their head up and look around from an early age. Others.... notsomuch. If your kid is the former, then I reckon it's OK. But only small trips because they tire very quickly.

    Oh, and of course, your mileage may vary, at your own risk, etc. etc. etc.

    Have fun. Both our girls ADORE going on bike rides now. (Seeing my partner and I riding ours as our main form of transport probably has a lot to do with that too)
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  • ndrundru Posts: 382
    I can recommend the Adventure AT3 trailer. It's well made and can carry up to 80lbs. You can easily fit two children in it and there would be no problem with fitting in an infant seat - tried it today. The trailer is easily converted into a cargo trailer, but it has a separate cargo space in the back as well, so what I usually do is take my son to the supermarket and carry all our groceries and him without any problems.
  • zebra67zebra67 Posts: 113
    We bought a decent make (Koolstop Caboose) 2nd-hand thru the CTC ads; after a few years of that we upgraded to a very expensive model (Chariot Cougar).

    If I was starting over today I would probably do the same. Friends have been very happy with cheapo ones they got off Ebay and used either not much at all (because they weren't that keen cyclists, and it was all they needed), or used enough to realise it was worth the investment to get a better one.

    We wrote a load about our experiences, now dated info on the specific products, but perhaps a helpful start.
  • El GordoEl Gordo Posts: 394
    We had a Phillips trailer a while ago that a friend gave me for free and it was absolutely horrible. It weighed a ton and ruined the handling of the bike. On top of that the girls hated it because it was quite cramped for two of them.

    We've since given it away and reverted to the Hamax seats which they've always loved and both used since they were 6 months old.

    I dare say other trailers are better and I can see some advantages of them but for me the seats are a much nicer experience all round.
  • Muddy1182Muddy1182 Posts: 146
    Thanks for the advice. i will certainly look into them a little further. Didn't even think about finding one to fit the infant car seat into. that would mean we could get out and about quickly.

    Thanks for the mention of the hamax seat, but from what i have seen i can't fit 1 on my bike. I'd have to buy a hardtail to clamp it on.
  • luculluslucullus Posts: 20
    We've had a Croozer trailer for about a year now, and our eldest loves it - when it's in the front garden, she enjoys using it as a wendy house, too. She used it, un-adapted from about 7-8 months. We also have the weber seat, and have taken the youngest out from about 2.5 months in it.

    Not that we're ever in a hurry anywhere, and they've never worn helmets, either - I've no idea how you'd get them to wear one and sit comfortably in there.

    None of this is the cheapest option, but it is just so nice to be able to go out with them together like this. Also, being able to park the bike up and then put the front wheel on to turn it into a pushchair gives you added flexibility ...
  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    lucullus wrote:
    ...and they've never worn helmets, either - I've no idea how you'd get them to wear one and sit comfortably in there.

    Small cushion in the lower back so that it allows room for the helmet overhang at the back. Works a treat.

    Oh, and if they ever got the helmet off (mandatory in Australia) "Oh... did she officer? She's never managed that before, and I didn't notice she'd done it". They'd be a mug to fine you - but yeah.. some ARE mugs. :S
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