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Tora 302 service advice

anonoanono Posts: 52
edited August 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
My 2008 tora 302 fork needs some attention - the lockout no longer locks out, and its been more than a year since it was last serviced (under warranty).

I'm keen to have a go at the service myself (mainly to save some cash but also partly in the vague hope that i screw it up so much that I have to get a new fork = upgrade), but have two questions:

1) Presumably to sort the lock out I need to follow the motion control damper service per stage 25-28 on the SRAM website ( ... 0Guide.pdf) - do I need to buy any new bits for this damper service?

2) the service guide seems to contradict itself - step 39 says that each lower needs 15ml of oil, but the table on page 11 says 30ml for left, 15ml for right - which is correct?

Any advice welcome


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