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Changing cassette

Tony Defy2Tony Defy2 Posts: 9
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I have a 9 speed compact 34-50 with 12-25 cassette. Would like to make it a bit easier on the hills. If i change the cassette to 12-27 will anything else have to be changed? Also it looks as though Tiagra and 105 do not do 12-27 in 9 speed but Ultegra do, is this right?


  • ChrisszChrissz Posts: 727
    No, nothing else would need to be changed.

    Don't know about Tiagra/105/Ultegra but you could also look at BBB from Parker International - could be much cheaper???
  • topdudetopdude Posts: 1,557
    12-27 will be ok, nothing will need to be changed :D
    Ultegra will be a bit expensive, have a look at SRAM they do a 12-28 or something similar which will work fine also.
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  • Mister WMister W Posts: 791
    SRAM only go to 26 on 9 speed.
  • I recently did the same and went upto a 27 Ultegra, and I'm on a triple :oops:

    The only adjustment I had to make was to the b-tension screw as the jockey wheel was touching the largest sprockett when in the lowest gear.

    worth it for me though, it makes the Derbyshire hills almost enjoyable !
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  • Thanks for that everyone.
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