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Veronica Bottoms
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Whilst I was out cycling the other day I heard a vibrating metallic noise coming from the front wheel.

On closer inspection I noticed a spoke had come loose which was causing the rattling.

I tightened it with my hand and carried on with my journey.

When I got home I realised the wheel had buckled and when spun it stops in the brake pads.

Am I right in thinking that I just need to get my wheel trued? I've not been able to get down to my lbs until tomorrow so hoping this is just the case or does it mean I've got to shell out for a new wheel?

I'm just worried as I carried on cycling with the loose spoke for about 5 or so miles. Have I done permanent damage to it?

This is a new experience for me as on my mtb I never had a single spoke come looses.

Help much appreciated.


  • hopper1
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    I doubt it's terminal.
    But as the spokes all work together to hold the wheel in 'true', then when one loosens, the wheel tension will shift.
    Shouldn't take the shop longer than 5 mins to re-true it, I had the same with a rear wheel, recently. :wink:
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  • Essex Man
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    Once trued, you'll be fine. I have cycled with a broken spoke and not realised until I finished (was wondering what the noise was...)
  • That's good to hear. Thanks :wink: