Should I stay off the bike for a day or two?

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Since I went for a run on Monday evening, my legs have been very stiff. I'd not run before then for nearly two years.
As far as I can guess, it's just stiffness - when I stretch my thighs, the pain subsides for a short while.

Now, what I want to know is, assuming there are people far more knowledgeable on health issues than me here, is...
Should I stay off the bike for a couple of days until the pain has gone?

I'd normally just ignore it and head out regardless, but since suffering from a nasty knee injury for most of last year, I'm a bit more concerned about causing lasting damage.

I mean, I'd like to head out for a ride right now, but I REALLY want to head out for a proper ride on the weekend.
Do you reckon a quick blast tonight might mean I won't be up for it on the weekend?


  • M1llh0use
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    personally i'd just do a very short blast to stretch then a bath with radox and a protein drink.

    then go for broke saturday*

    *please note i am no health professional and any advice taken is purely at your own risk.
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    I guess going for a quick gentle ride couldn't do much harm, but err on the side of caution. Lower limb injuries can be a nightmare to ditch, I've had ankle and foot issue's for the best part of a year now. Do what you feel you can manage, and get a physio, well, a good physio :)
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    You'll have to excuse my ignorance, how do I "Get" a physio?
    I saw one to help with my knee, but I had to be referred to see her by my GP.

    In the meantime, I'm off for a quick blast then. I just stopped smoking again this week and I can barely stay still now!
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    good sports physios tend to take private clients, though they're not cheap. The physio i use used to work as a physio for the RAF, not cheap at about £50 an hour, but my work health insurance paid :wink:
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    Ah, that's not an option then. Can't afford anything like that, and my current employer doesn't offer health insurance.
  • Aye, NHS you'll need to be reffered. You can always ask, but I'm not sure they'll take too kindly to the request after you tell them that your legs are a bit stiff because you went for a run..

    I'm pretty sure you'll find a private physio for less than £50, but as always, you get what you pay for. But then, sometimes you don't.
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    You'll have to excuse my ignorance, how do I "Get" a physio?

    Apologies for the vagueness, yeah, I meant a private sports physio. They aren't cheap but if they're good, it makes a ton of difference. I'm lucky, my dad is a doctor,his best mates parnter is a physio, which is always a winner when I don't have to part with the cash, on the flip side, she shouts at me a lot for ignoring her advice.... :)

    Anyway, how's the leg doing?
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    Don't think you need to stay off the bike - but do a thorough warm-up before riding to get your circulation going, and your myoglobin oxygen and glucose levels up; take it easy, and do a decent warm-down & stretch afterwards to help dissipate any lactic acid. This is all the more important after injuries, and as you get older. Age is a real bugger when you're still 18 in your head.

    I had my right ACL reconstructed six years ago and since then added a few other battle scars, also on my right. Now, if I forget to warm up I know all about it - even a short cold sprint for a bus, or up / down stairs (which I do habitually - hate trudging up stairs), can make the next few days hell.
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    try the local uni they generally do it cheaper even for non students
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    Thanks for the tips guys, I went for a quick blast on the bike in the end, and all was good.