dirt jump building

jaydn deniort
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hi has anyone got any surgestions for me, i would like to build some dirt jumps around Wilden/Renhold but cant think of anywhere can anyone else????

many thanks


  • hounslow
    hounslow Posts: 153
    unless you have permission from landowners, somewhere very well hidden.
  • i dont have premission but can you think of anywhere well hidden
  • cooldad
    cooldad Posts: 32,599
    Your garden?
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  • my garden isnt big enough :\
  • They don't need to be that well hidden. But I know nothing about where you live. So long as it's fairly remote and off the beaten track, no one's likely to bother you. Don't build them by official trails though, the trail builders won't thank you for it when they're getting crap from the forestry commission.
  • Koiler
    Koiler Posts: 513
    near bedford?

    why not just go to chicksands? its only 10 minutes up the road.

    maybe talk nicely to a farmer or something? i wouldnt go biulding on any old bit of land, as said above, you need permission to build stuff like that. otherwise its trespassing and/ or criminal damage