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Immovable object.

terpineolterpineol Posts: 3
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I need to make an immovable object out of concrete to lock my bike to. I'm planning on filling a large bucket with concrete and setting a steel hoop into it that I can then lock the bike to.

How heavy should I make this to try and dissuade people from picking the thing up with the bike and running off? A three gallon bucket should work out at about 35kg which whilst you wouldn't want to carry it far is still definitely moveable. I could perhaps make it heavier by mounding the concrete over the top of the bucket but I doubt I could exceed a 50kg weight. Do people think this is likely to be sufficient?

The garage in question is rented and I'm not allowed to permanently fix anything.

Many thanks.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here

    and not big enough.

    just use a sack cart.

    if it can be moved it will be.
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  • j_lj_l Posts: 425
    Been in the same boat with my rented garage,

    Option 1, buy one of those big motorcycle brackets bolt it to the floor, when you vacate the garage remove and fill the holes with cement.

    Its unlikley your landlood will inspect the garage I would have thought.

    Option2, Get 3 large plastic buckets, put in a row, cut a hole through the middle of each(side to side) push a large solid metal bar (30mm+) passing through each hole / bucket, fill each with concrete and fit hoop or bracket to middle one. (travis perkins sell a bar for fencing that is 30mm+ and hard steel for about 15quid)

    I was going to do that but couldn't be arsed so went the 1st option, when I vacated no one noticed.
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  • cgarossicgarossi Posts: 729
    A determined theif is going to steal your bike no matter what, so I guess it's just a case of effort vs deterent.

    My friend had steel rafters in his garage, he basically got two flexible bike locks and used them to hang his bike from the rafters. Awkward to get to, but worked a charm.
  • captainflycaptainfly Posts: 1,001
    I've been using my multigym with a 200kg stack, it probably weighs getting on 4-500kgs built up. so half a ton should work, or just find somewhere that already has holes in or is easy to cover and bolt in an anchor.
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