Wheels for a cheap tandem build?

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Hi - I recently got hold of an old and very cheap tandem frame from someone on ebay that i'm planning on building up cheaply for a bit of fun.
It weighs a ton and obviously is going to need some strong wheels - 700c tandem specific wheels are v. expensive, i was wondering if building it with cheap mtb hubs and 29" rims might be a better/cheaper option - then i have the option to run discs if i weld some disc mounts on..

The frame is spaced for modern hubs so there's plenty of options - in short...what's the cheapest way of getting a very strong 700c sized wheel?

Any thoughts appreciated


  • SeanT
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    I use 36 hole Shimano XT Hubs, (disk rear) with 700c Ridgida Sputnik rims. Sapim strong spokes rear drive side, plain gauge spokes non drive side and front.

    These have been great for Sportives and touring with a trailer. We are about 22-23 stone so not that heavy a team. I built them myself for around £120.

    Spa Cycles in Harrogate are great for tandem equipment, the Sputnik rims ar £18 each, and they build nice wheels.

  • Excellent! Thanks SeanT for those top-tips