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Specialized Tarmac pro 54cm red/white/black,Frith St. London

accidentalaccidental Posts: 4
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Stolen from Frith St. London on August 9th at around 7pm. Tranx carbon cage, Shimano 105. Serial no. logged with IMMOBILISE - so any purchaser beware. Look pedals.
Damage on left drop bar tape due to a fall. Quickstep frame. Forgot to also mention that it has Armadillo elite (front) and Armadillo (rear). The info patch on the top is not cleanly applied with the corners having white marks.

Reward of £150.

thanks ... directlink


  • This description is exactly right but the picture is just pulled from a website. ... 11904.html

    What should I do?
  • SoniSoni Posts: 1,217
    The post does sound a little suspicious i must admit, sounds to me like its not his bike he is selling, sounds more like a used car trader to me.......however doesn't mention any damage to it like you mentioned? Although if he wants to sell it quickly he probably isn't going to mention anything that will put somebody off, maybe easier to wait for the person to arrive and just to say he overlooked it and offer another £50.00 off.....

    If i were you i would contact him and ask a little more information for example what tires its running? Anything that could identify it a little more clearly as being yours......and then contact the police if you are convinced.
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