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Creaky front end

graememacdgraememacd Posts: 386
edited August 2010 in Workshop
I have a really annoying creaking noise around the stem/bars/headset area thats driving me mad, it only creaks when i put weight on the bars. I do check now and again that everythings tight and I wonder if i've overtightened something. any obvious things i should check?


  • topdudetopdude Posts: 1,557
    You really need to strip / clean / grease every mating surface in the stem / bars / headset area as a first hit :D
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  • what stem are you using? i had the same problem, i cleaned everything and it stopped, for about a week. then when i changed my stem its now quiet. bloody 2 bolt Easton stems.
  • graememacdgraememacd Posts: 386
    its the bontrgaer stem that came with the bike, i think i may just need to strip it down and re grease the head set cups and make sure everythings tight then hope for the best!
  • lickolicko Posts: 72
    How many spacers do you have under the stem? I had an annoying creak with 3 small spacers and found that swapping them for 1 x 15mm spacer cured the problem.
  • graememacdgraememacd Posts: 386
    I do have 3 spacers under the stem. i have however taken the stem off and and taken the forks out and re greased the headset cups and this has cured it...for now. i may look at getting one spacer though
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