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Does anyone have a problem with cycle computers ? Have only had bike since may but my computer seems to sometimes freeze and stop registering distance speed time elapsed etc
The clock on it works fine tho as in it tells me its 630 or 645 but it wont register miles? Is this a common thing or not ? Generally happens early in morning or at end of ride in evening ? Is it down to temperature? CPU is a wireless specialised one
Any advice greatly appreciated
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    If its wireless have you checked the magnet is registering against the sensor on your front fork? - they normally need to pas very closely to each other on each rotation. Seems unlikely gievn that it only happens in the morning or at end of rides but worth checking.
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    Apologies for stating the obvious, but this can happen if the battery has been in there for a while. It's always worth trying a replacement.
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    Mate I seem to have nothing but problems with bike computers

    Have tried four now in a year.....only one that's come out of this unscathed is the Cat Eye Strada which (touchwood) does exactly as it says on the tin.

    Bike Hut one cost £35.00 lasted 6 months and couldn't get refund as it had been scratched and therefore "probably damaged in accident"

    Raleigh with built in HRM was a revelation and added new dimension to my training for the two outings where it actually worked. Both sensors then stopped working no HRM, no wheel sensor so I'd paid £30.00 for a clock on me bike ! I did send this one back and am curently waiting for refund so Rutland Cycles had best be on their merit as I'll mention it on here)