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What Front Hub Bearings for 2009 Fuel Ex 8?

Jack_is_BackJack_is_Back Posts: 27
edited August 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Quite a specific question I know but I'm hoping somebody can help :D

Wheels are Bontrager Rhythm Comp so I'm assuming some kind of Bontrager hub too.

Trek Fuel EX 8 '09


  • gongagonga Posts: 225
    Hi mate.

    I swapped mine the other month.
    the code for the bearings is
    6903 2RS 61903 2RS

    I got 4 off ebay for £2!(only needed 2 but got spares)
    might be low quality but who cares for that money :lol:
  • Excellent thanks pal.
    Trek Fuel EX 8 '09
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