Thetford black route....its a bit crap....

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Rode it today....the beast is good but way to brief, the rest is sandy and all the trails through the trees have these massive dips in them making getting any sort of momentum impossible and thoroughly knackering!
Has anyone else rode it?
are all trails like that?
as you can tell im realitvely inexperienced.....
which ones are better local to me?
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  • I've ridden it, a few weeks ago. You're right, it's not very good.

    Sorry, I can't help you with anything local to you, but, get some decent lights for your bike, and ask at the local bike shops if there are any evening club rides, I'd imagine the night riding through the forest, on the decent trails that they'll know, will be great.
    Is it rideable?
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    yeah the rest of the trails are a little better in the sense that there is not so many dips.. but exciting is a defo no, beast is as good as it gets and that aint that good!!!
    I live suffolk and dont know of any where else near you thats good.
    If your suffolk way can show you tangham forrst, some good tails there, or ~Essex way you have Danbury common.
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    The Black trail is a mess IMO.

    The Red trail is far nicer as it flows better through the trees and is more fun.

    Maybe not as technical but all those holes and ruts on the Black run are annoying.
  • The only bit of the black that is fun is the Beast and maybe some other bits. Other trails are not the same at all. The routes are not especially well classified either, the "black" would not be black anywhere else. :) Its ok if its local for a thrash around but its pretty poor in comparison to other trail centres.
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    +1 for the above. The red definitely has more flow.
    The bombholes on the black are good for a bit of fun.
    If you can travel, Woburn is just over an hour away for better trails and a new pump track to play on as well.
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  • what I really didnt like was the fact its such a slow trail, the dips are so big you crash into them and they destroy your momentum and knacker you out to quick, its almost imposible to maintain a desent speed unless you have full suss and good fitness....I was crawling through those bits and hated it lol
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    Saracen Trace 1
  • The black route really is rubbish, I normally go red which is ok. However tried the value the other week as training for London to southcoast and thought this may be more realistic, an actually enjoyed it ending up doing a couple of laps. Not very technical but quite good for fitness.
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