Footwear question for a newbie

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First-time poster, and not up to the lingo as yet (unlike my dad, who's an absolute bike nut!!!).

Right, so I got myself a Specialized Tri-cross for my daily commute (only 9 miles on the flat each way, but carrying a bit of "sympathy weight" after the arrival of my first-born). Just after some advice on suitable footwear. I fancy some proper cycling shoes, but not sure what to go for....

The Spesh is sporting the bog-standard pedals with toe clips. I'm not sure if I'm ready to make the move up to a clip-type (SPD?) pedal yet, but like the idea of a much firmer/solid sole. Have looked at the DHB M1, but some of the reviews say to avoid using on normal pedals with toe clips due to the cleated sole.

They won't need to be used for walking off road at all, but would want to at least be able to walk up the 6 flights of stairs at work (so that would probably rule out most proper "road" shoes).

About the only thing I've seen so far is the Specialized Sonoma, but would like some options before spending any money if possible.

All suggestions greatfully accepted. Thanks in advance....


  • John.T
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    Go for a MTB type shoe that will take a SPD cleat. You can use these easily on flat pedals and can go for some SPD pedals when you feel ready to take that step. Walking is no problem in these.
    The Sonoma should be fine if they fit you well. Best to try shoes on as they are all different fit.
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    the sonoma is quite flexy, which isn't a good thing, but ok for commute

    however, in the wet the sole has slightly less grip than wet ice, as i discovered on a flight of stairs in the rain, then later in the day i found they have no grip on wet paving stones either

    i really wouldn't recommend them, binned mine before they killed me

    imho stick with trainers and flat pedals until you are sure you want to go clipless, then if you want something ok to walk in, splash out on some decent mtb shoes, theyll be stiffer, and the soles are more likely to have some grip for walking - i got some specialized bg expert mtb ones, very stiff and very grippy, they seem a lot more expensive this year though

    and as john t. says, try them on first, fit varies a lot between brands
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    I bought these the other day ... elID=46681

    You can walk like a normal person and they have spd cleats underneath. You could also get these ... elID=28050

    You can clip in on one side and use normal shoes on the other. Those shoes will work on both sides of the pedal. Once you've tried clipless pedals you'll never go back. You will fall over a few times when you start so try them out in an empty field with soft landings

    BTW I don't work for chain reaction :)
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    PeteMadoc wrote:
    I bought these the other day

    You can walk like a normal person........

    Lol, that line made me chuckle Pete, I had this vision in my mind how people who are "not so" normal walk.
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    as said stick with trainers, it then depends on how much walking you want or need to do, if it is a fair amount stick with trainers some gore tex ones would be good. Clipless is great if you do not need to walk around much or can leave spare footwear at work. And try not to be seduced by the top end mtb shoes as these are super stiff, great for riding but in mine I can only walk a short distance at the pace of a small child, they make me waddle like a duck.