Tyre upgrades

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I'll be looking to upgrade the tyres on my specialized tricross from the standard specialized tyres.

Im thinking marathon plusses. Advice/comments welcome!


  • skyd0g
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    Alot depends on the type of riding you intend to do on your new tyres.
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  • I fiitted Marathon Pluses 700C x 32 mm to my Hewitt Cheviot tourer at the beginning of the year for rides on a mixture of roads , tracks & towpaths.Tempting fate by saying it but so far so good. I seem to recall reading Mark Beaumont used Marathon Pluses for his round the world epic.
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    Depends, the marathon plus is really horrible to ride. If you want a decent puncture protection tyre then the panaracer ribmo rolls better and has similar levels of protection.

    Personally I'd put on some proper racing tyres as they're just so much nicer to ride. A set of PR3 or Kyrilion carbons.
  • I actually find my Reynolds 725 steel framed bike very smooth on tarmac with the Maraton Plus tyres, no noticeable difference to the seemingly less puncture resistant Continental Touring Plus tyres it had originally. In a comprehensive tyre test Cycling Plus gave the Marathon Plus 9 out of 10 with a Best Buy recommendation.