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Tyre and Saddle recommendations.

coolboardercoolboarder Posts: 149
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Im riding a Scott Genius full sus and need pointing in the right direction for replacment tyres and saddle.

The saddle is awfull. Its the original and although looks stylish is like sitting on a piece of wood. Dont know how ive put up with it for so long. I need somthing that isnt going to break the bank, looks ok and is comfy.

Tyres are still the original Scott ones which ive never had an issue with but do now need replacing. I ride mostly at the trail centres but also general xc use.

Thanks in advance.


  • Mr WuMr Wu Posts: 1,238
    The usual for saddles

    Charge Spoon

    or SDG bel air

    I prefer the latter.
  • Frodo1095Frodo1095 Posts: 252
    I have been riding a WTB Rocket V, works good for me.
  • schmakoschmako Posts: 1,982
    I would go with SDG Bel Air and Maxxis High Roller XC's if I were you!
  • Cheers so far guys !

    Tyres...I just remembered, years ago i used to use a Panaracer smoke on the rear and Panaracer dart on the front. At the time these seem to work really well and was especially impressed with the front dart. Is having different treads front and back the way to go nower days? I will check out those maxxis high rollers suggested above!

    Whats the difference in folding tyres as opposed to standard. Apart from the fact one folds and one doesnt :?
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Well done, you just showed your age :lol: Front/rear mixes still work well but it depends on the tyres and what you want to do really. Everyone'll just recommend whatever it is they like so do be prepared to get very little useful advice ;) I always recommend people nevegals fwiw, stick-e 2.1 for the front and DTC 2.1 on the rear for general riding.

    Folding vs wire bead isn't really a very good distinction, but, because folding is seen as better by most people, when a tyre company makes an XC or trail tyre they tend to make teh good ones folding and the cheap ones wire. Kenda frinstance, the wire bead nevegals are mince but the folding ones are ace. Nothing to do with the bead, the actual tyres have nothing in common apart from looks.

    Oh, and saddles... Charge Spoon, cheap to buy, easy to sell if you don't like it, and they seem to suit most riders. Not the best saddle but a pretty safe choice. I prefer their Knife but it's not such a safe choice, there's a reason it's called a Knife ;)
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