1950 Claud Butler fixed

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This is my 1950 Claud Butler - I don't really know what model it is but it had old Reynolds 531 stickers on it. The paint was falling off the frame so I stripped it, partly-polished it and clearcoated it.

Then I added some new wheels - Mavic Open Sport rims on Zenith hubs. The drivetrain is the original Bayliss-Wiley bottom-bracket cups with a Sugino spindle, with 48t Sugino Supermaxy cranks and an 18t EAI fixed cog and Dura-Ace lockring. Then I added my old Brooks saddle and new Brooks handlebar tape. The pedals are some generic MKS copies with single straps - I'll get some matching brown leather double straps soon (that or SPDs, I dunno...) The caliper is some unknown 1950s caliper with a Tektro RX lever.

I'm turning this into a two-speed tourer using a double chainring and a 22t freewheel on the other side of the rear hub, giving 46x18 (67") fixed gearing for the flat, and 42x22 (51") freewheel gearing for hilly areas. The total number of teeth on each of these configurations adds up to the same number, so the rear wheel doesn't need to move back or forward* so I can get chain tension in both.

All it needs is a new brakeset, a rack and some cotton panniers, and two water bottles up front on the handlebars in vintage touring style. I'm gonna chop some old drops I have into bullhorns and see how I like them.

* not quite - as the cog/sprocket ratio varies, the amount that the chain wraps around the inside-half of each cog also varies. As the front cog is larger than the rear, it'll shift the axle slightly forwards when I'm in the hilly configuration. This is my prediction at least; my head hurts thinking about it!

The sticker on the downtube is a Mooneyes sticker, which is a nod to the rat-look classic VWs and hot-rod cars that inspired the look.


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    Nice refurb.
  • Strip the brakes off, and it will make a good grass-track racer (with a 47x 17 gear)... plenty of tyre clearance for 28mm cyclo-cross tyres
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