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hi everyone, new bloke on line. i am looking for some advice, i am thinking of buying a new road bike but cant get my head around the size of most chainring sizes most bikes have a 50 tooth outside ring and a 34 insde with a 12/25 block on rear. at the moment i am on 52/42 rings, there for it seems to me that the gearing will be to small and i will be allways be on the outside ring. i like the look of the planet x bikes and the chris boardman range wot do you think . thanks :?:


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    Hello mate and welcome to the forum.
    The differences are just a sign of the times. Your 52/42 is an older variation whereas most normal double chainsets are 53/39. The 50/34 you're talking about will be from a compact chainset. You'll lose a bit at the top end with the 50 tooth chainring but the 34 will help on climbs. Depends on where you live/what you need etc.
    Can't say much about the Boardman range but I believe they get good reviews.
    Depends on what your budget is etc.
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    thanks for advice m8,will take onboard wot u have said. no major climbs round my area so might have to change the chain rings,buget is about 1,500 pound
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    Why not buy the bike you want and worry about the chainrings later. Ride it as standard for a bit before changing.

    I bought mine and had to walk two hills today, but I am not going to change the bike, the challenge now it to get fit enough that I can ride those same hills.
    A biking runner :)