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Campag Veloce

heathrow86heathrow86 Posts: 228
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I am currently running a Campagnolo Ulta Torque Veloce 39/53 chainset, which came with the bike. I am looking to change it to a compact 34/50, as i am struggling with it and i feel a compact may make life easier. Would I have to change the chain or front mech? Or is it possible to just change the rings or would that be to difficult?

The bike is Veloce throughout.


  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Unfortunately you need to change the whole chainset - the position of the chainring bolts is 135mm PCD whereas you need 110mm for compact chainrings. Apart from adjusting the front mech slightly for the different chainring and removing a link or two from the chain, you can leave everything else be. Another option would be to fit a 13-29 cassette - if you currently have a 25 sprocket, the 39/29 will give you an equivalent ratio to a 34/25.
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  • blackhandsblackhands Posts: 950
    Have a look at Geoffrey Butler website - they often have cheap Campag chainsets.
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