Wilmslow Road under Manchester Airport runway

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Ok, got a nice 50 ish mile route planned out for Sunday. But only one obstacle, the road under the runway at Manchester Airport.

From the pics I can see there is a separate tunnel for bikes.


Is it open all the time? Any issues? Obviously I'll need to keep an eye out for puncture debris as always, but curious as to whether anyone here has gone through them and lived :lol:

Thank you.


  • volvicspar
    volvicspar Posts: 208
    Been through it a few times, you shouldn't have any problems. It's has lights at least :D
  • NDawn
    NDawn Posts: 238
    Brilliant cheers :D
  • redddraggon
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    I've been through there, a bit sandy and dirty from what I remember but I never got any unexpected deflations.
    I like bikes...

  • Positron
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    If it's a REALLY hot day the tunnel is lovely and cool (never seen it blocked).

    Never order anti-pasta to arrive at the same time as pasta.
  • sturmey
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    Never use the cyclepath there personally. Just stick to the road. Not aware of any prohibition against using it. Path looks pretty cr*ppy to me.
  • LazyBoycp
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    Other than occasional horse, um, droppings and other debris, it's fine. Only thing to be slightly careful about is the entrance/exit of each tunnel - the concrete blocks you can see in the picture only leave a narrow opening, so just make sure there's nothing coming the other way!

    What's your route for tomorrow?
  • Pokerface
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    Stick to the road and hope that Ronaldo or some other footballer doesn't crash his Ferrari while you're going through (yes, that's where he crashed his Ferrari).

    I ride through there regularly. No probs at all.