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Energy Drinks without Sweeteners

LostNinjaLostNinja Posts: 13
edited August 2010 in Health, fitness & training
Trying to find an energy drink (or similar) to carry with me as I go for my fitness rides that do not contain Aspartame or Sodium Saccharine (which I avoid for medical reasons (and taste)). I've looked in local cycle shops & sports shops but everything seems to be loaded with the stuff (or be full of caffeine/carbonation (eg Red Bull)).

I had a quick look through the sports Drinks thread but it doesn't seem to be mentioned.

I'm not terribly bothered about a drink being bitter (though prefer lager ;)) but hate the chemical sweeteners that replace sugar because everyone seems to hate sugar, but can't seem to drink/buy drinks without sweetener. :?

So anyone know of either a ready made drink, powder to make up or even a DIY recipe that I can buy or create?


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